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CCDC 2024

Each year, hundreds of students compete in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Starting off the 2024 year with loads of excitement is the Midwest Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MWCCDC) on January 27th, 2024, in Alexandria, MN. 

Last year, through the CCDC ‘23 Sponsorship opportunity, White Oak Security was able to send 40 students to the 2-day Secure 360 Conference in May to gain valuable knowledge and access to local companies as they look for their career position in security. We are so thrilled to help more students this year, as the 2024 events show so much promise! We have always enjoyed the CCDC events and it’s something our volunteers look forward to. 

“Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions (CCDC) are structured contests that allow students of higher education institutions to gain significant experience towards operational competency in managing the challenges inherent to protecting and configuring an enterprise network infrastructure and business information system. CCDC events provide opportunity for students to integrate and apply IT skills in an environment intended to simulate a commercial enterprise network. During the competition students are expected to assume administrative and protective duties, follow directives from competition management while under the duress of malicious activity.”

The Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) 

CCDC 2024 Regionals

  • IN, MN Qualifier: January 27, 2024
  • IA, OH, KY, MI Qualifier: February 10, 2024
  • IL, WI, MO Qualifier: February 17, 2024
  • Wildcard Qualifier: February 24, 2024
  • Regional: March 15-16, 2024
  • CCDC 2024 National Championship:
    • April 25-27, 2024

We will add more details closer to and after!

Learn more about last year’s CCDC ‘23 experience.


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Our unique industry experience allows us to offer a wide range of services to help analyze and test information security controls and provide guidance to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

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