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Adversarial Simulation

At the core of every organization, its systems and employees are the most vulnerable to an attack. Without proper system controls and employee training, organizations can easily turn into the next security breach headline.

Our Adversarial Simulation services mimic the actions of a true attacker and test your organization’s ability to detect a security breach and respond. We go beyond standard penetration testing and always provide detailed reports of our findings and guidance on remediation.

Red Team

Understand your organization’s risks through an adaptive threat actor emulation. Our Red Team exercises are simulated cyber attacks that test and evaluate your ability to detect and respond to advanced adversaries. According to your goals and targets, we’ll combine elements of penetration testing and social engineering with other tactics, such as simulated malware payloads, physical attacks, and more, to penetrate your physical location, networks and host systems

Threat Emulation (Purple Team)

Engage your onsite security team in a real-world Threat Emulation to evaluate your current security controls, uncover your organization’s vulnerabilities, and test your defensive and detective capabilities. Your team works alongside ours as we use a variety of techniques, including social engineering, penetration testing, phishing, simulated malware payloads, and more, depending on your environment and goals. Learn if your current security investments in detective and preventative technologies are sufficient and whether or not they can be more effectively configured. 

Social Engineering

Attackers use psychological manipulation to prey on the weakest link in your organization: your employees. Without awareness, honesty, and diligence from every employee, and defensive training from your organization, attackers can bypass your most secure systems with one phone call or email. To locate these weak points, we use targeted persuasion and deception techniques to gain access to sensitive information, systems, or locations. Following our Social Engineering exercises, we’ll provide your team with the statistical information you need to arm your employees with the skills they need to combat sophisticated social engineering techniques.

Threat Hunting

Go beyond traditional security measures, such as firewalls, SIEM systems, and intrusion detection systems, which attempt to alert you while an attack is actively underway, and take a proactive stance with Threat Hunting. Our team identifies resident threats that may lie dormant or go undetected in your environment. These malicious actors can comb your systems, searching for confidential data for months or years without detection. Once the threats are identified, we provide guidance on addressing and removing them.

Ransomware Simulation & Endpoint Protection

With ransomware attacks on the global rise, our Ransomware Simulation service makes use of client-configured VPN access into the client environment, emulating the threat of a malicious attacker (and/or contractor) with remote access into the corporate network. Highly experienced White Oak Security operators will make use of an endpoint(s) provisioned by the client, with a standard stack of security defenses in place, to execute a ransomware infection scenario customized to the client environment.

Benefits of Adversarial Simulation

Simulate an Attack Before one Happens

Uncover your organization’s physical, employee and technology risks.

Identify Employee Training Opportunities

Arm your teams to detect and combat cyber-attacks.    

Maximize Security Investments

Determine if your security controls are optimal or inadequate.

Why Work with White Oak Security?

  • Advance your security programs and security teams
  • For all sizes of security projects, from targeted to broad
  • Security testing based on industry best practices
  • Receive detailed reports and guidance on remediationFor both large and small organizations

Other Services

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Application Security

Penetration testing of your mobile apps, web apps, and thick clients. We also provide API security testing and application security code review.

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Infrastructure Security

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Identify medical and embedded devices in an IoT-enabled environment and test critical hardware technologies to locate vulnerabilities and security-related issues.

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Utilize the years of experience and deep industry knowledge of our team of security consultants for AppSec Program Management and Developer Security Training.