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White Oak Security’s testing automation & reporting platform.

DRYADTM is a security orchestration, automation, and reporting platform for offensive security tooling. Built custom for our clients to minimize pain points in the penetration testing reporting process, DRYAD delivers in-depth results on the vulnerabilities that pose a threat to your organization with actionable steps that give clear details to continuously improve your security on all fronts, addressing priorities and protecting your assets.


In the past, we’ve seen organizations that have needed to employ over a dozen team members whose only role is to shepherd security testing findings through their own internal processes through to the engineering or development teams, but these actions should be handled properly – through appropriate automation with increased efficiency and consistency. 

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Overall, DRYAD will eliminate and minimize pain points around documentation and reporting, not only for internal teams but also removing barriers for client engineering teams to consume the findings from security efforts.

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We understand the pain that developers and engineers go through once they receive a security deliverable. We can help with this overwhelming process by assisting client teams to focus on the triaging and remediation efforts.


We’ve seen how much time and effort goes into creating valuable reports for our clients. There are a plethora of opportunities to improve the efficiency of this process, which is where DRYAD comes in.

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On the front end of security, there are numerous repeatable procedures that can benefit from additional automation.

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Clients benefit from having a centralized, secure location to access their findings.