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STEM Methodology

In-depth, multi-layer approach that extends penetration testing beyond traditional testing.

Unlike other security firms, White Oak Security extends our Network Penetration Testing and Application Penetration Testing protocols beyond the norm to provide in-depth, practical, and actionable insights through our three-phased STEM Methodology:

Phase 1

Comprehensive and focused penetration testing of networks and applications based on PTES or OWASP methodologies. Upon completion, you receive full vulnerability data in the form of screenshots, proof-of-concepts, and action steps, as well as prioritization and remediation guidance, delivering more meaningful and insightful testing results.

Phase 2

With our roadmap of vulnerabilities, we’ll ask you to remove whitelisting or special access that was granted during Phase 1. We then retest the Exploitation phase to evaluate your technical controls and determine if those exploits would be prevented.   

Phase 3

With whitelisting and special access removed, we’ll repeat the Vulnerability Identification phase to determine if your technical controls would prevent the vulnerabilities identified in Phase 1 from being discovered by an attacker.  

Benefits of STEM


Gain More Insightful Results

Obtain a real-world understanding of the risks that identified vulnerabilities actually pose.

Prioritize Based on Risk Level

Address vulnerabilities based on your reality and not on a best-guess approach that relies on lab-based prioritization.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Receive practical and actionable insights into your existing security strategy and security investments. Is your investment in preventative technologies safeguarding your business or does it need to be fine-tuned?