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Application Security

Application security vulnerabilities put the integrity of your organization and your users’ data at risk. Mobile, web-enabled, and cloud-hosted applications can also provide an opportunity for malicious hackers to breach your organization. 

At White Oak Security, our application security testing processes uncover app vulnerabilities and help to prevent unauthorized access or code modifications. We can provide insights through proofs-of-concept and real-life examples to help your engineers and developers build security testing into the development process in order to deliver more secure software.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web apps or services that transmit critical data across the Internet are particularly vulnerable. Our Web Application Penetration Testing methodology is based on and fully encompasses the OWASP Testing Guide v4 and our multi-phased approach includes both automated and manual testing for both technical vulnerabilities as well as vital business logic issues that automated testing simply cannot find.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Both Android and iOS mobile applications can contain critical vulnerabilities on both the client and server sides. Weaknesses in security mechanisms can expose insecure data storage and many other security issues. Our Mobile Application Penetration Test follows industry-recognized processes, such as the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide, and goes deeper by assessing not only the mobile application, but also the files it creates, web services consumed, device-resident files, and the web services utilized by the application.   

Thick-Client Penetration Testing

Thick-client applications are still extremely common (particularly critical legacy applications) but very difficult to thoroughly test. This type of application testing requires a high-level of expertise and knowledge since simple, automated security scanning is impossible. Our methodical approach includes customized testing plans and tool sets, and targeted techniques designed specifically for your application and technology. This customized approach allows us to test effectively for both vulnerabilities and configuration issues that can create security issues. 

API Penetration Testing

API endpoints can provide a channel for attackers to undermine your app’s security and access data. Our API Penetration Test follows the industry accepted OWASP Testing Guide v4 methodology and examines the client-server connection, app-to-app connection, and data transmission. We conduct both manual and automated testing of application layer vulnerabilities as both authenticated and anonymous users.

Application Security Code Review

Before your application is deployed, ensure it is both secure and follows secure coding standards with an Application Security Code Review. Application issues and vulnerabilities can reside at the code level, and we are able to review your static code to expose these vulnerabilities. We then manually validate our findings and provide you with guidance on how to address the identified security issues. 

Benefits of Application Security

Deploy More Secure Software 

Identify security issues and vulnerabilities before an attacker discovers them.

App Development Partners

Build stronger security testing into your development process.

Close Channels to your Organization

Block unauthorized access to your systems and data through insecure apps.

Why Work with White Oak Security?

  • Advance your security programs and security teams
  • For all sizes of security projects, from targeted to broad
  • Security testing based on industry best practices
  • Receive detailed reports and guidance on remediation
  • For both large and small organizations

Other Services

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Adversarial Simulation

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Infrastructure Security

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Device & IoT Security

Identify medical and embedded devices in an IoT-enabled environment and test critical hardware technologies to locate vulnerabilities and security-related issues.

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Strategic Services

Utilize the years of experience and deep industry knowledge of our team of security consultants for AppSec Program Management and Developer Security Training.