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Cyber Security Strategy Services

Most security companies provide a handful of standard security tests. At White Oak Security, we add an elevated layer of service to the mix because we know every organization is unique and often requires a customized level of service. Our Strategic Services bring vast security expertise across large and small organizations and a wide variety of industries to bolster both your security programs and your security teams.

Strategic Consulting

Engage our security consultants to take your security programs to the next level. From targeted, specific areas to large, sweeping program development, our team boasts decades of experience building and delivering enterprise security programs, partnering with application developers, and crafting penetration testing teams that can improve your organization’s security and fine-tune your in-house team.

Application Security Program Management

If you’re struggling to build or mature your Application Security Program strategy, our security consultants can help. Through a detailed process that includes creating an organizational strategy, setting security goals, developing processes, and writing policies and guidelines, our team partners with you to build, grow, and maintain a custom AppSec program based on industry best practices.

Developer Security Testing Training

Deliver more secure applications when your development team learns how to incorporate active security testing into the app development process. Our security consultants can train your team to identify vulnerabilities early on in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which can lessen the costs associated with remediation.  

Benefits of Strategic Services


Improve Your Organization’s Security

Our security consultants boast decades of expertise.   

Customized Application Security Programs

Built on industry best practices and designed for your organization.

Deliver More Secure Applications

Development team training to uncover app vulnerabilities.

Why Work with White Oak Security?

  • Advance your security programs and security teams
  • For all sizes of security projects, from targeted to broad
  • Security testing based on industry best practices
  • Receive detailed reports and guidance on remediation
  • For both large and small organizations

Other Services

Adversarial or adversary simulation White Oak Security icon

Adversarial Simulation

Uncover organizational weaknesses through Red Team, Purple Team, Social Engineering, Threat Emulation, and Threat Hunting.

application security service icon by White Oak Security

Application Security

Penetration testing of your mobile apps, web apps, and thick clients. We also provide API security testing and application security code review.

infrastructure security service by White Oak Security

Infrastructure Security

Identify critical network vulnerabilities through External/Internal Penetration Testing, PCI Penetration Testing, Wireless Penetration Testing, Cloud Security Assessment, and Remote Access Penetration Testing.

White Oak Security's cloud security icon

Cloud Security

Assess and protect your cloud data, applications, and infrastructure in all cloud environments, including AWS, Google Cloud, & Microsoft Azure.

device security testing icon and service by White Oak Security

Device & IoT Security

Identify medical and embedded devices in an IoT-enabled environment and test critical hardware technologies to locate vulnerabilities and security-related issues.