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Penetration Testing Internship

The 2023 Internship Application Window is Closed

Thank you to everyone who applied – your applications are in review.

Please check back in April of 2024 to find out details about the 2024 Internship opportunities

White Oak Security’s Penetration Testing Internship Program

White Oak Security’s Internship program is built to further the skills and career prospects of technical security professionals early in their careers. They will be working and learning from highly-expert, highly-experienced security testers in a real-world environment and focused on the technical aspects of network and application penetration testing.

Our goals for the program are to:

  • Assist the information security community by helping to grow professionals in our space
  • Identify strong candidates for potential future hires
  • Help promising young (or new-to-the-industry) information security professionals on the right path within our industry

What OUR INTERNS will gain:

  • Experience assisting with, and potentially leading, penetration tests
  • Insight into what to expect as they enter the cyber security marketplace and embark on their careers
  • A network of well-connected and well-respected security testing professionals

Details for This Year’s Internship Program:

  • Will begin on June 1st
  • 90-day program
  • Paid – working hours of 9am-5pm Central time, Monday-Friday. Time limited to 40 hours/week.
  • Position will be fully remote
  • White Oak Security will provide a laptop for the program interns (to be returned at the end of the program)

White Oak Security History

White Oak Security is a practitioner-led company founded by Christopher Emerson in 2012. As a trusted advisor to enterprise organizations, his expertise includes standing up security programs for Fortune 50 companies prior to founding White Oak Security. Christopher’s goal was to start a company that the best practitioners wanted to work for and whose customers wanted to engage with us for best-in-class cyber security.

White Oak Security has shown very strong growth over the years and we’ve become one of the leading voices in information security testing Nationally.

We are now a Cyber Advisors company!

White Oak Security Culture

White Oak Security is a practitioner-founded organization that is focused on building a company where excellence can thrive and grow…

Cultural Focus:

  • We take pride in the quality of our work – in the achievement of goals certainly, but also in our craft
  • We strive to grow and improve – as a company, as contributors, as professionals, and as human beings
  • We work as part of a team to recognize and acknowledge all parts of that team for the contributions and good work that they do
  • All roles in the company are important and all people are important and deserve respect
  • Success should be celebrated and appreciated and it should be recognized that success cannot be achieved without the team
  • Mistakes happen – learn from them and try not to repeat them
  • We strive to provide flexibility for our team with work schedules, time away, etc. However, we also expect our team members to know when to take advantage of that flexibility and when it is counterproductive
  • Goals are important and help us grow

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Expertise

Apply To White Oak Security’s Penetration Testing Internship Program

Thank you to everyone that has applied to this year’s internship program!!!

We’ve received all the applications we can handle for this year’s program and have begun sorting through the candidates, but please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to find out when the next application period opens up!