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Cybersecurity Resources

Discover White Oak Security’s Resources, Tools, & Collateral.

This is a collection of tools and information that may be of use to clients and others in the information security community.

Our team creates tools quite regularly in the course of their work and many times those tools are purpose-built for a particular engagement. However, when we create something that might have use to others in our space we release it on our Github page (link below).

Other material that we create can be useful in understanding how and where penetration testing and threat emulation can provide value to your organization. Case Studies and Infographics (also below) can be useful in helping to show internal stakeholders how best to use services like those that White Oak Security provides. 

CyberSecurity & penetration Testing Resources


White Oak Security GitHub


STEM Methodology – Vertical Process Infographic

STEM Methodology – Horizontal, Condensed Infographic