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About White Oak Security

A practitioner-led offensive security testing partner built on the concepts of real-world experience, client engagement, and deep technical knowledge.

Many security firms say they want to be your partner. At White Oak Security, we actually know what it’s like to be on your side of the table.



Our team values depth of knowledge and the ability to translate that knowledge into actionable, practical guidance for our clients. We believe that our team’s extensive experience and a long, professional history of working on the clients’ side of the table are critical to delivering the quality results that we believe are demanded in our industry.


It is important to White Oak Security that our team is passionate – about their work, about helping our clients, and about learning and growing as cyber security professionals.


We want to do the right thing and offer services that do the most good. Our clients want a partner that they can trust and who will support their efforts to improve their security programs and mature their cyber security posture.


Christopher Emerson

Founder & CEO

After designing, building, and implementing extensive security programs for Fortune 50 organizations, Christopher founded White Oak Security to help businesses recognize the need to safeguard their organizations against security risks. His goal is to empower organizations through security measures that lead to a more resilient business.

Matt Stellmacher

Vice President, Sales

Matt Stellmacher has spent more than 20+ years in the information security industry, specializing in application, infrastructure, risk, and compliance services. He began his information security sales career at Predictive Systems selling managed security services, penetration testing, and the ISACs (Information Sharing Analysis Centers).
He also worked at Shavlik and NetSPI for 11 years playing an important role with enterprise clients and contracts. Matt graduated with a B.S. in both Mass Communications and History from St. Cloud State University. He enjoys fishing, researching history, and spending time with family and friends.

Alex Crittenden

Vice President, Operations

With a deep understanding of how IT strategy aligns with organizational goals, Alex has worked for two decades with business leaders to obtain the greatest impact out of their technology investments. Focusing on White Oak’s growth and helping the team to develop the processes and approaches that best support our clients’ needs is Alex’s focus at White Oak.

Jerry Odegaard

Director, Threat Emulation Services

Jerry has a long history in threat emulation after working for a variety of organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies. He is considered an industry leader in both performing red team exercises as well as building red team programs. His leadership has had a significant impact on our growth and services approach.

Daniel Sandau

Senior Manager, Threat Emulation Services

Daniel has been involved from the ground up with building security programs and capabilities for several Fortune 500 companies from both an offensive and defensive perspective. This experience allows him to blend multiple viewpoints to provide excellent results for organizations looking to improve their security posture.

Rachel Reser

Senior Manager, Operations

Rachel brings a passion for problem solving and more than 20 years’ experience as an operations professional and certified Salesforce Administrator within the cybersecurity and communications industries. Rachel spearheads our PMO as well as our sales and marketing operations, specializing in optimization through process, automation, and efficiency. Rachel is committed to ensuring a world-class experience for our clients throughout their relationship with White Oak.

Alex Becker

Senior Manager, Threat Emulation Services

Alex has nearly a decade of cybersecurity consulting experience performing various types of penetration tests and IT control audits for clients of varying complexity and industry type. This combination of technical and control based experience allows Alex to apply a practical approach to ensure team member and client success.


We believe vendors, as well as security researchers, must act responsibly when it comes to vulnerability disclosure to see these issues promptly fixed and to inform the community at large so they are able to protect themselves with patches and updates to their systems. 

Our offensive security testing services are built around deep technical knowledge and experience, as well as a practical approach to remediation and program development with a highly skilled team of specialized offensive security consultants that go beyond standard in-house testing.