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Infrastructure Security

Internal and external network environments serve an as avenue for attackers to infiltrate your organization. Once they are in, customer and employee data, financial information, systems, and servers are all at risk.

We uncover critical network vulnerabilities through hands-on penetration testing that goes beyond a typical, automated pentest and exceeds compliance requirements, including PCI. Once your network weaknesses are found, we prioritize the critical issues and advise, in specific detail, on the most effective path toward remediation.

Remote Access Penetration Testing

With more people working from home than ever before, the security of your remote access networks and protocols is paramount. Our Remote Access Penetration Testing involves a two-phased approach: 1) external network penetration testing to determine that the remote access solutions are properly patched and hardened against an attack; 2) authenticated testing of the remote access solutions to determine that each has been properly implemented.

External Penetration Testing

Detecting and preventing an attack on your networks and host systems through security controls should be your first line of defense. Test the effectiveness of those controls with External Penetration Testing. During this test, our team uses both automated and manual techniques to simulate a breach of your externally facing assets and gain access to your internal network. Our process follows the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) Guidelines and leverages vulnerabilities discovered on your networks and host systems.

Internal Penetration Testing

Take your external penetration test to the next level and learn how far an attacker can move throughout your network once inside. Internal Penetration Testing follows the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) Guidelines and assesses the security of your internal network, including segmentation testing for compliance with PCI requirement 11.3. Our team conducts both automated and manual identification of remote OS and system-based vulnerabilities within the target environment. 

PCI Penetration Testing

Organizations that accept credit card payments can fall prey to highly motivated cybercriminals intent on stealing customer data. One security breach can cause your business to lose credibility. Our standard External and Internal Penetration Testing services already cover PCI requirements; however, some clients require PCI-specific internal segmentation testing, which includes penetration testing on segmentation controls at least every six months or after changes are made to these controls. 

Cloud Security Review

The adoption of cloud computing allows organizations to cut costs and increase agility, but it also opens up your organization to potential security threats and vulnerabilities. Our Cloud Security Review process thoroughly assesses the deployment of cloud technologies by identifying accounts, reviewing current security configurations, and providing actionable feedback on your environments, systems and applications connected to the cloud.  

Wireless Penetration Testing

A WiFi network is particularly vulnerable due to its nature of providing open access. A weak WiFi is a target for malicious hackers to gain significant access into your network using WiFi hacking tools and techniques. Our Wireless Penetration Testing includes both traditional vulnerability identification and an analysis of every WiFi access point on the hotspot and wireless clients that are exposed.

Benefits of Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Identify Network Vulnerabilities  

Simulated attacks uncover weaknesses before a breach can occur.

Hands-on Penetration Testing

We go beyond normal pentests and exceed compliance requirements.


Clear Path to Remediation

Critical issues are uncovered and prioritized.   

Why Work with White Oak Security?

  • Advance your security programs and security teams
  • For all sizes of security projects, from targeted to broad
  • Security testing based on industry best practices
  • Receive detailed reports and guidance on remediation for both large and small organizations

Other Services

Adversarial or adversary simulation White Oak Security icon

Adversarial Simulation

Uncover organizational weaknesses through Red Team, Purple Team, Social Engineering, Threat Emulation, and Threat Hunting.

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Application Security

Penetration testing of your mobile apps, web apps, and thick clients. We also provide API security testing and application security code review.

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Device & IoT Security

Identify medical and embedded devices in an IoT-enabled environment and test critical hardware technologies to locate vulnerabilities and security-related issues.

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Cloud Security

Assess and protect your cloud data, applications, and infrastructure in all cloud environments, including AWS, Google Cloud, & Microsoft Azure.

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Strategic Services

Utilize the years of experience and deep industry knowledge of our team of security consultants for AppSec Program Management and Developer Security Training.