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Pentesting and bug bounty hunting go hand-in-hand. Several of our pentesters find joy in bug bounty hunting in their free time, and one of our own, Chris Inzinga, will be sharing that love with NYU students this week!

Here’s what Chris has to say,

“Bugcrowd recently started an outreach program where they work with various colleges to promote interest in getting into bug bounty hunting and pentesting. I have been active on the Bugcrowd platform for a number of years and used that experience to pivot into a full-time pentesting position after graduating. Knowing that, Bugcrowd approached me to speak virtually to a few of these colleges about my own experience with bug bounty and pentesting.”

While we have many speaking opportunities that involve our expert penetration testers and students looking to learn from experienced staff, Chris hopes to “share [his] journey into the field of cyber security and provide students with real examples of valid submissions to bug bounty programs to build their confidence to try bug bounty hunting. There will also be a Q&A component where they may ask any questions they may have.”

If you’re interested or available to attend a presentation from our wildly skilled staff, you should! Take time to ask questions, because they’re thrilled to help you in your pentesting or bug bounty-hunting journey. 

Attend Chris Inzinga’s virtual presentation this Thursday, February 15th, 2024 with NYU.


White Oak Security provides deep-dive offensive security testing. We are a highly skilled and knowledgeable cyber security and penetration testing company that works hard to help organizations strengthen their security posture by getting into the minds of opponents to try to protect those we serve from malicious threats through expertise, integrity, and passion. 

Our unique industry experience allows us to offer a wide range of services to help analyze and test information security controls and provide guidance to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

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