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How To Root A Google Pixel 4a

Recently, we were in need of a rootable phone for a mobile penetration test we were performing for a client. We have a blog post on specific Android configurations for mobile application penetration tests, but for this post, we want to demonstrate how to root the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. 


Step 1

  • Unlocking the bootloader
  • Navigate to the following areas of the phone:
    • System Settings
      • About Phone
      • Scroll down to “Build number”
      • Tap “Build number” seven times
Smartphone Google Pixel 4a settings page, scroll to the highlighted area of Build number, this is the White Oak Security guide to How To Root A Google Pixel Phone.
  • Back out to the main system settings area – navigate the following options:
    • System
    • Advanced (drop-down menu)
    • Developer Options
      • Enable “OEM Unlocking”
  • Boot into Fastboot mode:
    • Shut the phone completely off
    • Start phone by holding the power button + volume down button
    • Plug phone into the computer
  • Utilize OS-specific platform toolset for the next part (Mac referenced material now):
    • Open up Terminal and change into the platform-tools folder
    • Running the following command to unlock the bootloader
      • ./fastbook flashing unlock

Step 2

  • Patching the boot image
    • Utilizing the Google Pixel 4a performing the following
      • Open Google Chrome
      • Navigate to the following URL:
      • Download the correct version of the ROM currently installed
        • Determine ROM version by the following:
          • Settings -> About phone -> Build number
      • Navigate to the downloads folder utilizing the “Files” application
        • Extract the ROM ZIP file
          • Within the extracted files – extract the new ZIP file
        • Now there will be a “boot.img” file that will be utilized in the next section.
    • Installing Magisk Manager
Screenshot of the Magisk Manager's Update steps in the how to root a google pixel 4a smartphone from the guide by White Oak Security
  • Select “Select and Patch a File”
    • Navigate to the “boot.img” file and select it
  • The Magisk application will patch the file and output it to the downloads folder

Step 3 

  • Flashing the patched boot image
    • Upload the patched boot image from the Google Pixel 4a to the computer
    • Boot the Google Pixel 4a into Fastboot (refer to step 1 for more information)
    • Open up Terminal on the computer (Mac):
      • Copy the patched boot image to the Google Platform Tools directory
      • Run the following command: (Replace “migisk_patched.img” with the name of the patched boot image file)
        • ./fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img

Step 4 – ROOTED

  • Reboot the phone and…
  • You have successfully rooted a Google Pixel 4a!


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