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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

A healthcare professional at a hospital points to a monitor, a piece of medical technology that could be hit by ransomware cyberattacks, learn more in the rest of this White Oak Security blog.

Ransomware Attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more targeted, with over 145.2 million ransomware hits in just the US. In 2020, there was a 40% surge in global ransomware with over a third of all attacks in 2020 being Ryuk ransomware attacks.

Last October, there were a series of Ryuk ransomware cyberattacks in the healthcare industry that affected several hospitals across the country and hindered the pandemic efforts. 

White Oak’s Ransomware Simulation

Many factors play into whether a company is impacted by a ransomware attack and how severely business operations are affected. Many of our clients have found (as have we) that our Endpoint/Ransomware Simulations can not only decrease the negative impact of a ransomware attack, but also potentially identify remediations and mitigations to prevent the initial compromise altogether.

Over the year, White Oak has performed dozens of Endpoint/Ransomware Simulations for leading organizations in the healthcare industry, as well as the banking and financial sectors. Not only does this simulation help when cyberattacks occur, but also assists companies with improving their detection and prevention controls, as well as enhance their operational communications. 

“For businesses, ransomware poses a real threat to disrupting legitimate business operations. Threat actors are seeing this as an increased incentive for targeted businesses to payout, further increasing the likelihood of a high-reward for a relatively low-risk opportunity.”



White Oak Security is a highly skilled and knowledgeable cyber security testing company that works hard to get into the minds of opponents to help protect those we serve from malicious threats through expertise, integrity, and passion. 

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