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Introducing our Guest Blog!

Most of you probably haven’t gotten over to our ‘About Us’ page but, if you have, you’ve seen our note about why we exist… If you haven’t, the short version is that there are three key aspects that drive our company – providing client value, delivering excellent security testing results, and helping to move the information security community forward.

As we ramp the blog back up to full power we will provide content that supports all three of those key areas of focus. Our team is working on a number of blog entries (both technical and non-technical) that will be posted in the near future. However… we also happen to know some really, really smart, experienced people in the information security space that don’t work at White Oak. We’ll shortly be launching a blog series from one of those individuals – Dave Stacy.

Dave is an accomplished leader in the information security space that has built and run very successful security programs at a wide range of organizations in the healthcare, insurance, and medical device industries. He currently leads D. W. Stacy & Associates, a firm providing strategic cybersecurity consulting and advisory services.

We’re excited that Dave is willing to share some of his insights on the White Oak blog and look for the first installment soon!