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White Oak Security Case Study: ProcessBolt


ProcessBolt is a purpose-built third-party risk assessment platform that simplifies the process for both clients and vendors.  It introduces the ability for enterprises to manage risk assessments in a consistent and efficient way, provides insight into high-risk vendors, and provides prescriptive remediation guidance to vendors to help them manage their risk profile.

ProcessBolt is moving enterprise vendor risk management to a real-time, automated system.  Their goal is to enhance the enterprise’s ability to recognize, manage, and remediate critical vendor risk before it impacts their business.

President & Co-Founder:  Gaurav Gaur

President & Co-Founder:  Dan Gardner

Clients:  Fortune 50 to Medium and Small Organizations

Founded:  2017


As a B2B SaaS platform, working with some of the largest organizations in the US, the ProcessBolt team understands that the security of their solution is critical.  Clients expect information that resides on the platform to be protected and that the ProcessBolt team has built not only an effective solution, but a secure one as well.

A rapidly-growing company, ProcessBolt also needed a partner that would be able to grow with them and be able to adapt to their needs.Many firms in the penetration testing space don’t have the capability to understand changing business needs and adapt accordingly.The ProcessBolt team needed to find a company that could work with them as their needs, sized, and functionality changed over time.


White Oak Security was selected by ProcessBolt as their security testing partner.  Our extremely in-depth methodology provides ProcessBolt the insight that they need to ensure that their platform is secure and to provide the assurance to their clients that security is a primary concern.  White Oak’s testing process is based on industry-accepted standards and led by an industry veteran who has worked in large, complex environments where business goals and security requirements need to support one another.

Utilizing our methodology and their team’s extensive experience, White Oak was able to perform a very technically in-depth test of the ProcessBolt platform and provide the guidance needed to prioritize any issues and remediate them effectively and efficiently.  The White Oak team worked closely with ProcessBolt leadership to understand the complex business requirements of their unique solution and built a testing approach that incorporated both the business goals of ProcessBolt and the technical requirements of an effective penetration test.


White Oak’s results provided the information that ProcessBolt needed to both assure their clients that security is a priority and continue to make improvements to their overall platform security – in a manner that didn’t disrupt on-going ProcessBolt development efforts.

Dan Gardner, ProcessBolt’s Co-Founder, was very happy with the results – “White Oak was able to be dynamic and provide the testing we needed today, as well as provide a roadmap for our testing in the future.  The focus is on build a relationship and getting to know the company and our platform, not getting an entry-level consultant to do one test and then never hearing from them again.”

White Oak worked closely with the ProcessBolt team to deeply test their platform and then provided actionable, practical remediation guidance that allowed ProcessBolt to move forward with a remediation plan that was tailored to risk and their development cycle.